Monday, July 31, 2006

Energy Independence: A Two-Pronged Strategy

While our elected officials debate on the topic of offshore drilling, we need to push them towards developing a national energy policy that's based on science, common sense, and void of political pork-barrels.

Prong 1: Ease out of foreign oil by using our own

Allow domestic oil & gas production in both ANWR and the Gulf of Mexico. This is not a sustainable replacement for alternative fuel, and cannot be a long-term solution, but if we can put any kind of a dent in our middle eastern imports, then we need to make it happen. America's oilfields are more mature and more depleted than any other nation's on earth, but we may have enough to finish the race- a race that I pray we're actually running. It doesn't matter who's paying who, the more money we invest in middle eastern oil, the more soldier's lives and expensive armor we have to send over there to protect it. Iran cannot afford Uranium enrichment without the sale of oil, and Hezbollah cannot afford rocket artillery. Our hydrocarbon resources must be allowed to come online within this decade, because if we don't use them now, when will we? In 10 years petro-fuels will be nearly obsolete, so let's get 'em to market now so they can make a difference. Resources are not like whiskey or wine- they only become obsolete with age.

Prong 2: Develop alternatives

The importance of commercially viable alternatives cannot be understated. According to renowned economist Stephen Leeb, "it would be less dangerous to remove all traffic signals and air traffic control infrastructure in America for two years than to ignore the coming energy crisis for the same amount of time". Did that get your attention? Write your congressman AND your Senator. Both of them. Mine are sick of hearing it, but they still write me letters to tell me they're listening. I wrote about having NASCAR champion the technology- an idea which is catching fire here in my neck of the woods. I would never push for folks to go out and buy into the already-obsolete hybrid technology; we need to demand a new generation of vehicles and fuels that can bless the American way of life like nothing else has since the Interstate System of the 1950's. If America doesn't take the lead in this role, someone else will. We are at the twilight of the oil age, and our way of life depends on our ability to innovate and lead the world into a new chapter of History.


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greencommunist said...

Brazil will be energy independant by the end of this year.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Here's another one...

Stop pursuing policies guarenteed to keep oil of the market, thus making the oil that does reach the market more valuable and expensive. Example: The war in Iraq has sucessfully crushed the Iraqi production, thereby insuring Bush's pals in Saudi Arabia reap the windfall on the oil they produce. This is not an accident. it was part of the plan the whole time. Mission Accomplished.

BlackLabelAxe said...

To B.L. Sabob's point:

This is the second time in two decades that it happened. I think we can all agree that for better or for worse, the first Gulf War was 100% motivated by oil. I think it was a good war that benefitted our country very much, but I don't appreciate the condescending lies from people who try to say that it wasn't about oil. Humanitarian reasons? Bullshit, there's more people dying from Islamic starvation mafias in Sudan every single week than the entire population of Kuwait. If only they had oil, we'd find a way to rescue them.

Oil is a perfectly good reason to fight a war. We need oil to live, we need it to play, and we need it to build our country and defend helpless people worldwide. All I'm saying is that it's time to turn to science and find a better way. The only problem is the people who need to get the ball rolling are all rolling themselves in kickbacks from our hydrocarbon importation.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Going to war to secure a supply of energy is fine, if a bit callused.

But going to war to LIMIT the supply of energy, and threby drive up the prices artificially in order to make certain cocksuckers even richer than they already are is fucking despicable and should result in a charge of treason resulting in the Death Penalty.

china joe said...

even if the us of a start looking elsewhere in our country for oil, it would take about 7 years before it hits the market. most people are too ignorant to look at anything in the long term and just want their id gratified. the midwest is filled with fields of corn, which may be converted into fuel. however, converting sugar cane is cheaper.
brazil will be the ones who make money and have energy. in the end, we may become like fred flintsone and use our feet to run our cars