Thursday, July 27, 2006

Snowball's Chance In Desert Warfare

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I just love the sub-headline "Israeli general expects 'a few more weeks' of combat". That to me seems someone reminiscent of the VICTORY sign on the aircraft carrier where Bush gave that speech oh so long ago after we bombed Baghdad. (Do you see where I am going with this). THIS IS NEVER GOING TO END! today has two stories. One of them is Al Qaeda (which I'm still convinced is a dummy organization for American weapons manufacturers) says they will get involved in the Israel/Lebanon war (which it really is by now). But whats more frightening is another story where Iranian civilians are gathering up to go join Hezbollah on foot. We all know (I hope) that the Iranian Hezbollah's Supreme Leader is none other than Ayatolla Khamenei, a man although no longer the President of Iran, still has a great deal of power in the country. He could command an army in an instant, volunteers would come out of the woodwork. A few days ago they stated they had 2000 volunteers ready to go.

So is this all WWIII? Well, the potential is there, it's a snowball sitting at the top of Mt Everest right now, and Israel is about to push it down the mountain. True, we put the snowball up there, well, our dictators did, but still, no one is really doing anything to stop them.

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ken hawk said...

Good point BND. I had my "Mission Accomplished" banner all ready to go, now I just sort of feel silly about it.

greencommunist said...

That's what it said!

My bad, but yeah, same thing.