Monday, July 31, 2006

Important Announcement

Dr. Ken Hawk is back in the office after some much needed R & R. If you are having any problems with your relationships, or just accidently got an appendage stuck in some office equipment, feel free to drop him a line.

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ken hawk said...

bY the wya i was just banned form blllabbbermoutH again. i was beeing dserious aboUT safety around the fax machine aFter i cuaght my pecker in there ovEre teh weekend.i guess that boRi guy didnt care for it.

ken haWk

BigNewsDay said...

Damn him! You try to offer a free public service announcement, and this is the thanks you get?

That ungreatful A**hole!

Goremaster said...

i herd on the mpa fourms. BORIng is a fucking twat.

ken hawk said...

exact same thing i said BND, im just lookIng out for all the o ther misinFomred individuals wh7o think tis funny to place their genitals into office p roducts. well i t can be funny, bu tcan be dangerous if the fax machi ne pulls your pecker in and jams, and youre leftstanding there with yoUr pants around you r ankles all wekeknd. i didnt enjoy that. i should sue teh company.

kEn H a wk