Friday, December 08, 2006

12/8 is quickly approaching

Repost from 11/18/2005

December 8 will forever be known as one of the most fucked up days in music history. On this date two assholes took from us two of the greatest musical minds in history. On December 8, 1980, Mark David Chapman could no longer fight the demons in his head. He waited all day for his prey, and even took time to shake the hand of his baby boy. Later that evening, as Chapman waited and became more and more furious, John Lennon's Limo pulls up and the rest is history.

Twenty-four years later, in a small club in Columbus, OH, another sick fuck decides to strike. It has almost been a year now since that sorry son of a bitch took Dime from us. People may think what they want of Dime, Pantera, or Damageplan, but take it from someone who grew up in the same town as the Abbott brothers; this man didn't deserve this shit.

I remember back in the early to mid eighties, when Pantera was first starting out here in Arlington. They would play little shithole clubs but would always pack them in. I was not a fan of Pantera at all growing up. I considered their music cheesier than Def Leppard's music, who at the time pretty much ruled the cheesy music scene. I remember days of going to school depressed for some reason or another, but always being cheered up when I saw how ridiculous Darrell (who went by the name Diamond Darrell Lance back in those days) looked. You could see him about 75 yards down a packed hallway because his hair towered about two feet over his head (that may be a slight exaggeration but you get the point.) And as I would get closer, I would generally have to fight the laughter. This dude would be wearing your standard leopard print sleeveless t-shirt, spandex with bandanas tied all the way up them, and a bullet belt, but what always seemed to get me was the big furry Eskimo boots. Even though at the time I had no respect for this dude, I knew deep inside that he was bound for greatness.

To be continued...


BlackLabelAxe said...

Damn, Dimebag was being himself even before it was cool to be Dimebag.

That is awesome that you went to high school with him. It's crazy to think that he grew up to be the greatest metal guitar player of all time.

I love Zakk, but when it comes to the axe, Zakk is barely qualified to fetch a fresh beer for Dimebag Darrell.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I respect Dimebag as a guitarist, but most of the reasons I respect him more than most people that die or have died is because he was a GREAT person. He was definetly not the sterotypical metal musician, and if you took the time to watch all the Pantera movies and whatnot you'd know that he was probably one of the friendliest, caring, and loving musicians you'd have ever known.

BigNewsDay said...

I don't generally censor people, but that was just stupid. I'm assuming that by SVR, you meant Stevie Ray Vaughn? Dissing two Texas legends on a Texan's blog doesn't sit too well with me.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech is the concept of being able to speak freely without censorship. and what the fuck is this other douche bag posting positives about dimebag right around the time im telling it how it is?

BigNewsDay said...

first off, this is a thread that is paying tribute to great guitarist. If you're going to talk shit, at least have the balls to not be anonymous.

metallord said...

Yes mother fucker let use no who
you are and will kick your ass Texas style bitch boy.

BigNewsDay said...

Hey Mick,

Stop posting bullshit on my blog. I've never done anything to you, and you are wrong about us fucking with you. I wanted your honest opinion about our new site. It's not my fault you can't properly open a zip file. I was able to match your IP with the last IP you used to logon to the forum, so I do know that it is you.

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metallord said...

Mick you are a fuckin trader and
to think i liked your poser ass
i hope you die a slow painful death
asshole. And one more thing Fuck You.

mickronson said...


i never explained in my e-mail what triggered me to do that, so
i thought id explain here. Here it is.

"I considered their music cheesier than Def Leppard's music, who at the time pretty much ruled the cheesy music scene."

I thought that comment was directed at me because you knew how much I love that band. It seemed odd that of all bands you would mention them in a negative light. It really upset me.

BigNewsDay said...

First off, you will notice that this post was originally written over a year ago. This was long before I met you. That comment described the my feelings back in the mid-eighties when Pantera was developing a huge local following.

I was into bands like Slayer and Exodus, and was not very fond of hairmetal. If you can ever find a copy of Projects in the Jungle, you will see that it is a very Def Leppard'ish sounding album, but less heavy. That is what my comment was in reference to.

mickronson said...

i completely missed that. i just quickly skimmed through the posts and didnt pay attention to detail.

mickronson said...

by the way, def leppard is not a hair metal band and should not be lumped in with that lot. they didn't have the hairmetal look and their music was far more original and in an entirely different league from bands like poison, slaughter, and warrant. Those were american bands that you're referring to that started that fashion. Heck, I've seen bands that are heavier (but still made lousy music)that looked more hairmetal than them.

metallord said...

Mick you cross the line when did this shit on BND's blog i guess you didn't think BND would be able
to find out who it is. Well your
wrong i respected you at one time
but not now you come here and cry about some dumb shit you need to
grow up. It's pretty shitty to come
to a tribute for a dead man and talk shit asshole.

mickronson said...


you have every right to be angry, what i did was indeed wrong regardless


you are completely wrong about def leppard. your comments come to show you've hardly listen to them, and i doubt you could understand their music given your fixation on heavy metal music.

mickronson said...

one more thing goremaster, you should be the last to talk about mental issues given the crap you've said and pulled in the past. it was mainly because of you i was turned off of your site. this has nothing to do with metallord. i was actually very comfortable with him. i was more comfortable with him and leftymetalhead and charvel than anybody.

mickronson said...

you know, goremaster, you make me sick. all you have to say for this is that i have "mental problems?" don't make any effort to try and understand how this developed, because it might give you a headache.

BigNewsDay said...

OK Dude,

You told me that the reason you were upset is because you thought we were making a joke at your expense. Which is complete bullshit. I apoligize for being concerned about your opinion. I'm also sorry that you don't know how to open a compressed file, but we never did anything but try to be your friend.

I have never done anything negative towards you, and I've never seen Gore do anything to you either. If one of ever di upset you, you could have very easily approached us in a civil manner to resolve the issue, but you refuse to even listen when I tried to explain something to you.

mickronson said...

"but we never did anything but try to be your friend?"

oh yeah, here's an example

"oh we have another imposter here. Man, fuck you!"

Do you remember this? You said this to me on the voivod thread. It threw me off. It seemed to me an odd way to kid with somebody, but i wasnt at the time quite sure what to make of it. Nevertheless, i continued to joke in a friendly way with you.

How about this?

"The imposter is on the imposter thread."

It was here that i put 2 and 2 together.

You actually thought I was trying to copy ken hawk? I was just playing around and hardly knew of him.

"I have never done anything negative towards you, and I've never seen Gore do anything to you either."

You've never seen Gore do anything to me,huh? So as far as you're concerned, it never happened. afterall, you've been with us every step of the way we had a chat on the net. Gore is your angel. and even if you two were up to something together, you know you're gonna admit it.

"but you refuse to even listen when I tried to explain something to you?"

i let you e-mail me. i listened. you wanted to discuss things. i gave further detail to why i did what i did which i admit was wrong in the first place, and now you're accusing me of being uncivil for speaking honestly?


mickronson said...

"Thank you for listening,
BND" (the e-mail you sent me)"

Sat, 16 Dec 2006 19:33:19 -0600

BigNewsDay said...


That message posted on Blabbermouth several months ago was in response to a comment that was directed at me. I actually thought that someone was impersonating you, because I didn't think you would make a comment like that towards me. To be honest, I can give a crap less if you are "impressed" with my comments. I've been nothing but honest, and I will defend my friends.

You mention that we disrespected you, but you give no solid examples to back up this claim. Your right, I was there every step of the way. I was there when Gore, ML, and Lefty were just as baffled at your behavior as I was.

You made baseless accusations about us:

“you know, i knew for a long time i was being played by you and al, but i just didn't want to believe it. i had the feeling that the file you sent was actually just the original layouts for your metal forum because i saw the home page, but i didnt speak up because i just didnt care. it must have given you and al a good laugh making me the brunt of your jokes, making me look foolish. i never realized that i was such a joke to you, and i was just being myself. i didnt deserve that. i know you did this to other people as well. But it doesnt matter because im relieved now to say that im not going to be associated with any of you anymore. “

When I tried to respond to you to explain that this wasn’t the case you said:

“I won't read it.” And “You eat it”


You are the one that let your emotions get the best of you. I’m just defending my friends just like I tried to defend you when I thought someone was impersonating you. If you think it is wrong for me to defend my friends, or for my friends to defend me, then you are the one with problems.

mickronson said...


you're done

BigNewsDay said...

I'm done with you.

mickronson said...

hey, its your blog. after you, sir.
the last comment is yours. (with a bow) and so its finished.

BigNewsDay said...

"You've never seen Gore do anything to me,huh? So as far as you're concerned, it never happened."

What never happened? You are a delusional idiot.

metallord said...

So what did gore i've never seen him dis you when i was there and dude all you had to do is email one of us back now you have to watch for gore cause he's gonna be pissed off BND,Gore and Lefty our my bros and good ppl i never seen
any of them talk shit to you dude.

metallord said...

Oyea on more thing Miky BND is not
a lair he's a honorble man that
piss's me off there dude.

BigNewsDay said...

Here is the actual commentthat I was responding to:

"COMMENT | awww, isnt this sweet
posted by : mickronson.
7/25/2006 9:56:08 PM

charvel has accepted quebec's retort,

ddt and bnd are coming to an understanding

what a sunny day it is

lets all go down to the park together full of puppies and ice cream smiles, playing and running through the meadows:)

its sunny and peaceful day at blabbermouth...... a kodak moment"

notice the period at the end of mickronson.

OK, now look at this from earlier that same month:

posted by : mickronson
7/1/2006 12:12:11 PM "

If you notice, there is no period after mickronson

You can call me a liar all you want, but I made an honest mistake trying to take up for a friend. I would have gladly apologized if you would have contacted me about it.

mickronson said...

wow, i didn't have a chance to read your later comments until tonight.

now, i understand your feelings.

i could respond to some of the stuff you said, but it will just go on and on, and it doesn't need to.

im gonna take a break, maybe like a year (or more) from blabbermouth and all that stuff. I'm too busy nowadays anyway with work. i think i need time to reflect on what i did and what has happened and grow. For what it's worth, sorry for calling you a liar BND, and goremaster, if I did indeed misunderstand you, then what can I say, and if you reject my music, so be it. Anyway, metallord has vouched for ya, and that means a lot.

I think it just hurt me because i liked you guys a ton, and didn't feel as though you liked me as much back. I really seriously looked up to you guys, I swear. when i didn't feel like it was reciprocated, it made me feel foolish, and resentful.

I don't expect anything to change later between us. I'm willing to accept whatever life is willing to give me. But anyway, for some reaon, i felt i needed to say this.

Anyway, ce sera sera


BigNewsDay said...


As far as I'm concerned, this is all in the past. We always valued your friendship, and enjoyed your visits to the chat room. I'm very sorry if anyone did anything to offend you, but I know that nobody intended to do so until you came here talking trash. You caught us all offguard when you quit, and we are still unsure of all the reasons why, but we are willing to discuss all of this with you. I have no ill feelings towards you, and I hope you have none towards me.

metallord said...

Yes BND i agree with you i feel the same way about it to Mick.