Wednesday, December 20, 2006

The Precedent for Failure: The War on Drugs

The War on Terror has an impossible scope, but it is not the first of its kind. The War on Drugs has been going on for much of the 20th century, and has much farther-reaching impact that terrorism will ever have. Both wars are being fought ineffectively under the leadership of politically correct assholes.

The war on drugs has devastated Mexico and Columbia most prominently. With genetic engineering in the arsenal, drug cultivators have now created a pot plant that grows year-round and cannot be killed by pesticides, making law enforcement nearly impossible.

The new Mexican president is fighting the drug industry with all his might, and leaving death and destruction in his wake. The American Department of State has commended this effort.

I've got a better idea for fixing Mexico's drug problem: Legalize it! Instead of cops unloading in trucks and destroying everything, why not encourage legal companies to invest in infrastructure and security?

It's the classic scenario: When government dictates, men with guns show up and destroy your life and kill you if you disagree. When consumers dictate, fair competition drives innovation and promotes stability and job growth.

I personally have never chosen to consume that product, but I have a serious problem with some asshole telling me that I can't if I wanted to. Nomatter how illegal drug use is, people are still going to do it. Law enforcement becomes an unsustainable burden on society when they attempt to regulate something that cannot be regulated.


Ann Coulters bastard son said...

I couldn't agree more. The drug war is a waste of money, human life, and a total skull-fucking of the 4th Amd. In Atlanta a few weeks ago the cops got a bogus tip from a bottom-feeder about a drug house and ended up gunning down a 90 year old lady. Just more collateral damage in our wonderful war on drugs.

crallspace said...

You never smoked?

BigNewsDay said...

I'm kinda suprised about that myself, Axe. I have tried just about everything short of heroin and pcp, but I stick to my beer nowdays.

BlackLabelAxe said...

Yeah, I've never been tempted to. I'm an uptight person by nature, so if I did anything it'd probably be coke.

I guess I just saw some of my high school friends fry their brains on it and decided that it wasn't for me. I can't even carry an adult conversation with my best friend from high school because he's got no attention span left. It's a shame because he use to be a smart guy. I also fully realize that you have to abuse the stuff to end up completely fried, but it just never appealed to me.

It's even more ironic that I LOVE stoner metal. I've got CD's from Bonzilla, Monster Magnet, CoC, Artimus Pyledriver, Nebula, and The Sword on my shelf. It's all metal to me!

Alcohol and caffeine do it for me.

ken hawk said...

my DaAD diD a Lotta dRugSss and it didN t effeTct him aS fara s i knoWw.

ken AHwk

ken hawk said...

By the way, new Ask Ken Hawk post is up.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

As always, I say "follow the money." Some assholes are getting rich (or "richer than they already are") from this unwinable war. Figure out who it is and then look at where their campaign contributions go. Then you'll know why we keep up a war we can't win. Check out the companies that have contracts building and maintaining prisons, and staffing them. Hell, there's a whole multi-billion dollar industry of private prisons. Check out Wackenhut corp. You think they want drugs decriminalized? Fuck no. That's cash out of their pockets. And they are just the tip of the iceberg.

What about weapons manufacturers? You think they want there to be less need to hire and arm police and guards? You think they want to stop making cash selling to crack dealers and marijuana farmers?