Wednesday, December 27, 2006


2006 is comming to an end. I recently made a poll on what was the best metal album of the year. Vote at Legions of the abyss. The results will be made into a list for the Legions of the Abyss website when the poll is done.


Goremaster said...

My top 5 of the year

1. Amon Amarth-With Oden on our Side
2. Celtic Frost-Monotheist
3. Zyklon-Disentegrate
4. Slayer-Christ Illusion
5. Deicide-The Stench of Redemption

ken hawk said...

oK WElLl i DidnT See pAris HilTonS Cd on theRE but I VOTED For mY sECOnd choICE IRON MADDDEN hEll yEah buT yEEAh im supRisED that pAris hilTon Sdidint makE Teh liSt though i Dont thiNk iTs neaRLy as ComparablE as The year ThaT maCho mAn rAnDy savagE's rAp CD got TOTALLLLY snubbEd Thayt waS likE teh best Album ever!!!!1

metallord said...

Yes vote soon all.

Goremaster said...

poll ends in 6 days

Goremaster said...

when it ends it will be made into a list so get your votes in their quick.