Thursday, December 21, 2006

Quick Rant

We have a major war going on right now. We are in the midst of several Congressional scandals. We have families starving and living on the streets. So what is the major news story that has everybody glued to their T.V.s?

The fued between Rosie O'Donnell and Donald Trump over the Miss America lesbian alcoholic druggie!


(and let me)

With all the death, destruction, and poverty in this world, it completely baffles me why anyone would give two shits about any of these assholes!


ken hawk said...


ken hawk said...

P.S. Packers suck!!!!

BlackLabelAxe said...

I share your disdain for frivolous trivia that the press covers like flies on shit.

That being said,

TRUMP >>> rosie

Beneath all the media attention and critisizm, Donald Trump is actually a great man. Rosie is just a loud-mouth bitch.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Trump is a piece of shit too. He's made a lucrative career out of self-aggrandizement, manipulating investors, declaring bankruptcy, dumping women, and creating some of the ugliest and tackiest shit on the market. The only reason to watch his show The Apprentice is to remind oneself of what kind of soulless scumbag you do not want to be or socialize with. Just because you have the ability to make money off of other people's money does not make you the least bit admirable.

Both he and Rosie can be mildly amusing on occasion, but on balance, the planet would be better off without both of them. As for all whores, I mean beauty pageant contestants; they are just the lowest form of flesh product on the planet. I have more respect for actual prostitutes than these phonies. The pretence to respectability is pathetic. They should just stop pretending that they are anything more than spank-material with a pulse. That they are held up as something got young girls to aspire to is tragic.

Maybe Trump should brand his little pageant whores with a big gold T on their foreheads

BlackLabelAxe said...

Trump is certainly no moral authority, but I can use him to illustrate Adam Smith's point about how selfishness benefits others financially in free markets.

Take the ice skating rink in New York City that he built, for instance. He managed that project free of charge to the city. Because he's such an adept manager, the project finished ahead of schedule and under budget.

The taxpayers got an excellent return on their investment, and Trump benefits because it raises the value of his nearby real estate.

He's a total media whore, but he's got an entertaining personality. I differ from him dramatically because of the level of debt that he carries in business. He's a slave to his bond and stock holders, just like we're all slaves to the mortgage company or credit card companies if we carry a balance.

I respect the man simply because entrepeneurship is the backbone of American ingenuity and the essence of our economic strength. Entrepeneurs promote freedom by de-centralizing power by creating competition and giving consumers choices. Competition prevents monopolies, and demand for employment raises working standards for employees. Entrepeneurs are responsible for the vast majority of job growth, and for that I respect Trump 100% more than Rosie, who is just some bitch who runs her mouth.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

There's a major war going on? I thought that thing was in its "last throes" well over a year ago. I guess I need to pay closer attention.