Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Henry Rollins "America is under attack."

Did you watch the video posted below of the kid going off on a rant about OLielly and the conservatard religious fanatics?

O'Lielly of course had to resond on his show in the most over the top way "This is child abuse!" WAAAAAAAA!!!

Watch just the first couple minutes of this, you can't take the whole thing without wanting to punch your monitor

But then watch the brilliant response that a well known blogger did using O'Losers own words against him.

Gotta love "The internets"


B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

I bow down before the genius that is Rollins. That was beautiful. He should team up with that kid in the video I posted and do a speaking tour. The guy is freakin inspiring

Ann Coulters bastard son said...

Rollins will burst a lung when he learns what John McCain is doing.
It seems that the media darling ass carrot Senator from Arizona doesn't like the comment section on blogs.

BlackLabelAxe said...

That McCain article is disturbing as all hell.

He may have been a war hero back in the day, but this is un-American at its very nastiest. Hell, I'd rather a Democrat take his seat than this bullshit socialist.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

I used to really like both McCain and Giuliani, but those assholes started chugging the Kool-Aid aa while ago and are now full-fledged Pod People. I don't know how the NeoClowns do it, whether by blackmail, bribery or brainwashing, but they turn everyone they touch into a raging Stalinist and/or Theocrat. Where have all the sane Republicans gone?

BigNewsDay said...

I can't believe that O'fuckly and that bitch had the nerve to question what that girl does and doesn't understand.Have they interviewed th girl? The parents? Probably not. These dolts just can't handle the truth being shoved in thir faces.

ken hawk said...

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crallspace said...

Great videos indeed! I've always loved Rollins! O'reilly is such a lame-ass. Getting his braindead audience fired up over some little kid who's smarter than they are.