Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Brian Williams on the Katrina Aftermath

I don't know if anyone had the chance to watch Brian Williams' Katrina special on NBC last night, but it was very well made and quite troubling to watch. If you missed it, the 27 minute verson of 'Katrina - the first five days' is available to view on MSNBC's web site.

There is also a quite entertaing article written after he arrived back at his hotel room last night after filming the live parts of last night's special. Apperantly, he he was booked to stay at the same hotel as Bush, and his story illustrates the ordeal of getting back to the hotel room. A very good read.



Jwr said...

Mr. Williams "Aftermath" show presented a narrow view of the facts concerning this tragedy. It is not what he included but rather what he left out that is most troubling. Williams was quick to blame the Bush administration for problems following Katrina in New Orleans. Not once did he mention the complete failure of leadership by New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin or the total ineptitude of Louisiana governor Mary Landrieu. I am not surprised since both are Dems and NBC panders to the ultra left. Where was the footage of the 500 school buses sitting in 2 feet of water that could have been used to bus the poor out of town had Mr Nagin not considered it too undignified for the poor to ride buses. I guess he considered it more dignified for them to defecate in place rather than ride the bus to higher ground. Also there was not mention of the Katrina crime wave that has come to every major southern city that took in any refugees in number.

BigNewsDay said...

Well jwr,

Williams made sure that it was known that this was based on his opinions based on his experiences in New Orleans. His views were echoed by every major network INCLUDING FAUX NEWS that panders to the far right. Sheppard Smith was VERY critical of the Bush administration after a very slow response by FEMA.

Lefty Metalhead said...

Faux News viewers hate Sheppard Smith for criticizing their dearest Bush.

Bushwack said...

Well I don't give a crap who criticizes G'dub, I just want it to be fair and accurate, The POTUS dropped the ball and so did the Democratic leaders of the state. The difference? Bush is trying to fix his mistakes Nagin and Blanco are still just sitting around pointing fingers.
I haven't seen neither of these 2 out there getting dirty with the folks that are trying to help.
Even Ahhnold (Whom I have lost complete respect for) came down and helped in the fires we had here.
The leadership of NOLA and LA as a whole is waiting for handouts rather than hands up and thats just laziness and B.S. The government can't and shouldn't have to fix everything. WE must do things for ourselves with the government.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Did it ever occur to anyone that both the local AND federal officials totally screwed the pooch on this one?

There really are no good guys in this story