Thursday, August 10, 2006

Terror Alert Level - Elmo/Ernie/Bert

I hope no one is planning on flying anwhere anytime soon.


greencommunist said...

crazy shit man

ken hawk said...

weir d. i WWnet to the airport< and the security guYS GAVE me a bar of soAP and shampoo. no patdowN, eirher.

KWn Hkqwak

china joe said...

absolute terror is the absolute power. fear is big business. airline stocks are dropping like flies and security/defense stocks are on the rise.

greencommunist said...


i would like 300,000 stock in WAR.

ken hawk said...

well im hEading to the airporT wiTh a bAg to grab all Those ipods.

greencommunist said...

the half used lotion bottles are all mine ....


Goremaster said...

what what what the fuck? lol.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Gee, Whinerman loses and Dick goes on yobbing off about how that will embolden Al Queda, just one day before this alleged Al Queda-"like" plot is exposed. Coincidence? Think Uncle Dick was given any forewarning about last night's raids?

You bet he was. Typical republiscum, politicizing terror threats for partisan gain.

How many deferments were there, Dick?

Lefty Metalhead said...

Ahh! Bush administration officials are sure to begin high-fiving each other now that they have something to politicize. Everytime something like this occurs, they salivate at the opportunity to talk shit about Democrats, who aren't running the White House, and yap about how we must stay the course in Iraq. Fucking assholes only want power. Wake up America!

greencommunist said... today was talking about some "spy" who had infiltrated the "terror cell" and tipped off the officials.

Maybe this is just the paranoid conspiracy theorist in me... but this says to me "this is all bullshit".

It seems strategic, all this shit in Lebanon getting out of hand with Israel and our own war in Iraq, people were getting fed up with it all. Then Lieberman getting his ass handed to him ...

I think it's all a set up to get the people back into what I call "fear mind" where they are too scared to disagree with military action.

I don't believe this shit at all.

Bushwack said...

IMO, The only reason we have to go through this is because of our "No profiling" laws, If we could just limit it to Young Middle Eastern Males Maybe the lines could get shorter.
At least untill an 80 year old white/asian or any person OTHER THAN Muslims, try to kill us.
Fear is a feeling one gets for something that COULD happen.
Preperation is what you do after it has happened before, so it don't happen again. IMO

BigNewsDay said...

I see what you're saying BW, but you kind of get into a slippery slope type situation there. You say that it's OK to profile at the airport, and then set precedence for profiling elsewhere. Once you begin to do this, you basically legalize racism.

Bushwack said...

Very true BND, It's is a slippery slope but IMO it is much better than rounding ALL the Muslims or Middle eastern Males up and throwing them in a pen. (Not, that I would approve of that totally) I think in the time of War and believe it or not a war is what we are in. Some thing has to be done to protect the "innocent" targets. ie US.
The arguments I keep hearing about is: All religions have been brutal and all have the extreme factions, IMO, The difference is we don't give the extreme's the key's to the country. the 'Fanatics" in Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia are allowed to diseminate hate on a regular basis, until we either figure out how to defeat the ideology, Kill them all or learn to live in peace with them, we need to take precautions. These "Cure's" for peace all come with a price. No one is willing to pay the price to rid ourselves of the real problem. It's not Bush, It's not Clinton, It's not the Dems or the Republicans. It's the terrorists. and it's their sponsors. period.
A quick question. for all my Liberal friends here at BND.
If MLK had used the method of the Muslim fanatics to change civil rights and US policy, Where do you think the "Black" cause would be now?
Just a few thoughts from a Conservative redneck...

Lefty Metalhead said...

BW, keep in mind that many white conservatives, of the time, perceived the civil rights movement as radical and fanatic. MLK didn't resort to terrorist tactics, but the anti-CRM KKK sure did! But to answer your question, the civil rights movement would have failed if it were handled through extremism (as perceived today). Nevertheless, your question is irrelevant to Islamist terrorism. The civil rights movement encompassed an oppressed peoples' desire to have the same rights and receive the same treatment as everyone else. They fought for the unalienable right to be truly free from the chains of social inequality.

The Islamist extremists are fighting because they want to impose their religious worldview on everyone. They, like all fundamentalists, believe only they know the true spiritual path. Their ideology suggests that through the slaughter of non-Muslims will they live righteously. If anything, their ideology sounds remarkably similar to what we did to Native Americans during our manifest destiny days. We slaughtered them, and it all seemed to work out in our favor.

I agree there is a price to pay for freedom. However, the price must be paid by everyone, not just a select group of people who are chosen by the gestapo-like act of racial profiling.

Bushwack said...

Lefty, Good observation,
The civil rights issue is relevent because the CAIR, ANSWER movements are making it relevent. When they march through streets waving the Hezbollah banner and screaming death to America and it's allies while standing on the soil Americans are dying to protect. I think it is relevant. Never saw MLK do that. Again IMO.

I liked what you said and agree with you.
"The Islamist extremists are fighting because they want to impose their religious worldview on everyone."
This is the reason for the fight. The right has been preaching this for a long time.
I also agree the Gestapo tactics need some refinement.
This is new to all of us. We are bound to make some fuck ups. Over reacting is better than under reacting IMO.
I'm not willing to allow "unlawful search and seizure" however if I'm flying on a plane, I'd feel much more comfortable knowing the Muslim passengers were all handcuffed and sitting in the hold with the luggage. This is a view I'm not particularly proud of, but I haven't been witness to any other religious activists/fanatics/fascists or whatever trying so hard to eliminate innocent civilians on such a massive scale. History has taught us all religions have there dark times. Islam is based on death and destruction for all non believers. No other religion has those endearing qualities.
As I said we don't give the extreme's the keys to the country and allow them to run it.
Bush is not extreme, Pat Robertson is.

Lefty Metalhead said...

But the reason the right wants us to fight is because Islam isn't Christianity. The spread of radical Islam (not all Islam) undermines our freedom and democracy only when our interests are at stake. That is why Christians fought the infamous Crusades and slaughtered countless Muslims. We must also look at the economic impact on Islam. If poverty continues to reign in the Middle East, we can expect extremism.

I'll admit that it makes me feel a little better when Muslims are thoroughly checked before a flight. However, the principle behind it is wrong. Although the terrorists of 9/11 all happened to be Arab and Muslim, not all terrorists are of said ethnic and religious groups. Latin America actually has more terrorism than the Middle East. Anyway, the problem with profiling Arabs is that it creates a slippery slope. What's next...internment camps? How would you feel if everyone wanted your bags to be checked for KKK hoods? I sure wouldn't like to have airport security look at me and assume I'm a Latin King gang member.

I salute you on the passion you have for our country. I respect your opinion and it makes me damn proud that we live in a country where we can disagree without fisticuffs. Keep the insights coming brother!