Monday, August 21, 2006

Conservative court to hear NSA appeal

CINCINNATI - The Bush administration's warrantless surveillance program, rejected by a federal judge, is heading toward an appellate court loaded with the president's own appointees.

However, veterans of cases before the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals caution that the court's mixed record in a broad range of rulings makes it difficult to predict how it will view the surveillance the administration says is crucial to stopping terrorists.

"It is not a foregone conclusion that a conservative-dominated court is going to say, 'President Bush did this and we're going to uphold what he wants,'" said Robert A. Sedler, a law professor at Wayne State University. "There are many issues in this case. Conservative judges often have a very strongly libertarian streak."

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OK. When do we get concerned about how this administration is stomping all over our civil rights? This is what happens when you have a leader that is so immature, that he can not admit when he is wrong, and when he is proven to be wrong, he stomps his feet and throws a fucking hissy fit.

The government unsuccessfully argued before Taylor, an appointee of President Carter, that the NSA program is well within the president's authority but proving that would require revealing state secrets.

Well, isn't that special? The NSA has a special 'Secret Court' set up to nothing but review these types of warrents. The NSA can even start the survelance before the court finalizes the warrent, yet our President still refuses to get these warrents. What an A**hole!

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