Thursday, August 31, 2006

Great article regarding The UN and Child Rights

My good friend Daydreamer of Oz has written a killer piece about the rights of children on a global basis, and the failings of the UN to enforce their own laws. I ask that all of my readers go read this article, because I feel that knowledge is the key to change, and this is a wonderfully enlightening piece. Great job Daydreamer!

Read article here


Goremaster said...

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Daydreamer of Oz said...

Lol AB you have such a way with words :)

Thanks for the plug BND. I think this is such an important topic and it was heartbreaking to write. I dream of a world in which all children are free from oppression of any kind - anywhere in the world!

BigNewsDay said...

You are very welcome. I agree about the importance of this issue, and it puzzles me that some people can over-look this because of someone's religion. Actually, I find that quite disturbing.

Bushwack said...

This was a good article, and it warranted more than the ensuing drama that followed.
I hate to see kids going through that type of "Religious" rights. however; the truth is who are we to dictate the religious acceptable behavior in a soverign nation?
The real questions are
would you support an American led War to stop FGM?
would you allow all means necessary to change the regimes responsible for allowing FGM?
Would you or any American allow American lives to be lost to to stop these idiots from exercising their religious freedoms?
I would but only because I'm a Conservative and realize we will be fighting it one way or another...
Will the American public support it? Hell no, so why would the UN care? They can't even stop Dafur's genocide. The point of the post was the lack of action at the UN, I agree with that, I don't agree that the UN could or would do anything about FGM in a Muslim run country. Discussions do not lead to peace when countries under sharia law or the religious imams are involved.
So if we want this to stop we better be ready to go all out and stop it.
All the UN sanctions and resolutions they can come up with (If they would against a Muslim nation) will not stop it. It is sad, it makes me angry, but unless it is worth our best effort to squash it from the bottom up. forget about it.

Daydreamer of Oz said...

Interesting points, Bushwack. Here's one thing I would love for someone to answer. Laura expressed a very similar sentiment to this on Day

however; the truth is who are we to dictate the religious acceptable behavior in a soverign nation?

So let's think about that in another dimension, using the example I gave previously.

I go out and start murdering people named Fred. When the police catch me, I give a very convincing argument that my religion does indeed allow me to murder people named Fred.

Presumably anyone who tells me I can't murder people named Fred are imposing their values on me, right?

I don't think there's a clear cut answer here - which is why I wanted to spark conversation on the topic. Converstaion such as this - intelligent and thoughtful as opposed to mindless name calling.

So thank you guys :)

Goremaster said...

thanks daydreamer. yes im al bundy. just made a change to my profile.

metallord said...

Nice read daydreamer.