Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina - One Year Later

I was going to use this post to makea long political rant, but I've changed my mind. What I would like to do instead is to let you watch the videos below and let me know your feelings one year after one of the worst natural disasters destroyed New Orleans.

Before you watch the videos, take the time to imagine this being your neighborhood, your house, your car, your life. I know most of us will say that we would have left if we thought a hurricane was coming, but after how many false alarms do you stop heeding these warnings? What if you couldn't afford to leave? What if you were starving on the street and the only way you could eat was to raid the closest grocery store? I'm not going to defend any of the people we saw stealing Nikes, TVs, guns, etc..., but I would have just as quickly stole food and water for my family.

What would you have done?

Katrina - The Truth

George Bush with his head up his ass (as usual)

Screw FEMA


Bushwack said...

OK BND, I think folks stealing food and water and items needed for survival were never berated for it. It was the folks looting the jewelry stores and banks that pissed the world off. You know I went there to volunteer and I met a lot of good folks, But I also met a lot of morons (some in elected office) its no wonder the place is still a shit hole. I was supposed to go back this past May, Didn't and won't until Nagin and blanco are gone. I have a serious problem with the way the media portrayed the disaster. The finger pointing started before the first tree fell.That is dumbass political bullshit while people are suffering. Bush didn't act quick enough, granted. Blanco and nagin didn't act at all until they called for help, too late. and nobody holds them to it. The same folks blaming Bush for the damage and recovery don't realize it was mostly the Democratic folks that kept the money from the levee repair in the first place. Putting the blame on one man for the dozens of losers before him is scape goating and plain wrong.
You want to call for everyone involved in this to be removed from office fine but not just bush.

BigNewsDay said...

I agree (for the most part) BW, Gov. Blanco did declare a state of emergency before Katrina hit and asked for the National Guard to be deployed. Nagin is an idiot, and I was stunned when he was re-elected. I've never blamed the entire fiasco on Bush. There were major failures on all levels of government starting with years of corruption in the municipal govvernment by using funds earmarked for levy repairs being spent on casinos.