Wednesday, August 16, 2006


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BigNewsDay said...

Fuckin' Ninjas!

enemywithin said...

how dare he blame cider!

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

LOL!! Fuckin Brits

enemywithin said...

if this guy is seeing ninja's than im obviously not drinking enough cider!

ken hawk said...

Christ put this guy back on alcohol

BigNewsDay said...

I hear you Ken. What's funny about this is that I don't think fire kills Ninjas. Isn't it like a stake to the heart or something? Maybe a silver bullet?

ken hawk said...

I think Trogdor killed a ninja once but I 'll have to plead ignorance on a reliable source.

china joe said...

ninjas are awesome. back in college, a friend dressed up as a ninja on a whim, went to the quad, and set up a few m-80's below the bell. no, it wasnt halloween. that bell rung LOUD and no one ever rings that bell. funny thing is, both him and the brit were pounding cider!

ken hawk said...

BTW BND looking forward to a big ass rant concerning the gov't wiretap issue.

It's about time; this has been getting real embarrassing:

Operator: CBS Star Search productions, hello?
Me: Yes, I can play a harmonica with my buttcheeks.
Voice 1: pfffft HAHAHAHA!!!!
Voice 2: Richard!!! Your mic!!! Voice 1: Oh shit.

BlackLabelAxe said...

If you can see a ninja, he can see you.

If you cannot see a ninja, you may be seconds away from death.

I love ninjas, but as a pirate, I can't fully endorse the ninja culture. The pirates vs. ninja conflict is about 10,000,000 years older than the Israel/Palestine situation.

Anonymous said...

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metallord said...

Ok now that is too funny.

Daydreamer of Oz said...

Hey everybody,
Saw the comment from metallord on AZ and came over to confirm that he's *with you* lol.

AB if you're reading this sorry I haven't created that blog yet :(

The pirates vs ninjas issue is interesting. He would've been much better off if he'd seen pirates. They would've brought him some booze and the whole situation would've been averted ;)

BigNewsDay said...

Great point Dsydreamer. That is why I'll take a pirate over a ninja any day. Arrrrrrrg!

ken hawk said...

Alright Ive been waiting for a collection of greater minds to ponder this question, and I believe the time is here:

A pirate and Chuck Norris in one corner,


a ninja and a rhinocerous driving a bulldozer in the other

Do the research, I still say a rhino behind a bulldozer may be the perfect killing machine.

BlackLabelAxe said...

A rhino driving a bulldozer?!

That would actually give Chuck Norris, the ninja, and the pirate a run for their money.

I'm going to contend that the fight couldn't actually take place, because there isn't actually anything to fight over. As long as people still watch MTV and idolize the dipshits they see on that network, there will always be better people to kill than each other.

Daydreamer of Oz said...

No way guys! See Chuck would've secretly put some 007 type device in the bulldozer before the fight began so that weapon would be useless. Then he'd just stand there with a knowing look like 'just try to move that thing!'

Meanwhile, the pirates would've got the ninjas drunk beforehand.

So Chuck and the pirates need only contend with the rhino!

You can't tell me Chuckie isn't handy with the old lasso ;)