Friday, March 03, 2006

America Continues to Wake Up

Its probably too little, too late, but what the hell. We'll take our good news where we can get it.

Our friends at Gallup have published two interesting and encouraging polls recently. What I find the most interesting about this first one is that only 7% of Americans think that terrorism is America's most important problem. So just who are these Chicken Littles who go around fretting day and night about the possibity that "ragheads" are going to murder them in their sleep? Looks like only Ann Coulter, Fox "News" robots and members of the Bush Junta are pitching that paranoia to one another. The rest of America seems to have figured out that they are far more likely to be killed by polutant-induced cancer or lightning (or Dick Cheney on a bender) than by a terrorist.

NEW YORK On the eve of the State of the Union message, Gallup pollsters last
week posed the question Ronald Reagan asked in 1980 when he was running against
Jimmy Carter for president: "Are you better off than you were four years

The reply from Americans represents "a strong rebuke of the Bush era,"
Gallup declared today, with nearly two-thirds saying things have gotten worse in
the past five years. Only 28% say things have improved.

In reply to another question, 35% said they were "satisfied" with the direction of the country, and 65% are dissatisfied.

Does this represent merely the lingering fallout from 9/11? Not likely, since only 3% cited "terrorism" and 2% "homeland security" as a main reason for offerign negative views. Most often cited as evidence that things have gotten worse: Iraq (cited by 26%) and "the economy" (24%).

Asked separately to list the "most important problem facing the country," 23% said the Iraq war, and only 7% terrorism. Various economic issues accounted for 30%.

As expected a whopping 92% of Democrats gave a negative reply to question of have-things-improved-under-Bush, while 60% of Republicans went positive. But, critically, 70% of Independents gave that "not improved" assessment.

Only 6% cited gas prices and 3% poverty as reasons for a negative view.

And the second Good News Poll is:
(the last sentence is the best. Looks like all the criminal scum from Delay to Frist to Santorum are headed for the trash heap of history)

NEW YORK While newspaper editorials remain virtually silent on the subject, the American public seems to have made up its mind. A new Gallup/CNN/USA Today poll out tonight shows that 2 out of 3 adult Americans now want U.S. troops to start to come home from Iraq. And 55% call the decision to attack Iraq in 2003 a "mistake."

The same poll found President Bush's approval rating plunging to 38%. It was even lower in a CBS poll earlier this week: 34%.

In the poll, 38% said some troops should be withdrawn from Iraq now with another 27% saying they all should come home.

Bush's handling of Iraq drew the support of just 35%, while 64% said they disapprove.

Of the 1,020 adults surveyed, 59% said President Bush can no longer manage the government effectively. An overwhelmingly number say they oppose the Dubai ports deal. Asked who they would likely vote for in November, 53% picked Democrats, 39% Republicans.


BigNewsDay said...

Personaly, I would like to see more Independants run for office in November. At the moment, I'm still leaning towards Kinky as Governor here in the great state of Texas.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

I'll vote for independent and third party candidates when there is no danger of a rethug being elected, like in the 1996 presidential election, but at this point, I see the most important thing of all is to get rid of as many thugs as possible, and the only way to do that is to elect democrats, as distasteful as that might be.

Anonymous said...

Or we could be Killed riding in a car with Ted Kennedy, or be the next Vince Foster with the Clintons.

BigNewsDay said...

What does a clinically depressed lawyer that commited suicide have to do with anything?

Maybe you need to go drinkin' & huntin' with Cheney.

Anonymous said...

While the U.S. Park Police (a unit not equipped for a proper homicide investigation) studied the body, Foster's office at the White House was being looted. Secret Service agent Henry O' Neill watched as Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Margaret Williams, carried boxes of papers out of Vincent Foster's office before the Park Police showed up to seal it. Amazing when you consider that the official identification of Vincent Foster's body by Craig Livingstone did not take place until 10PM! Speaking of Craig Livingstone, another Secret Serviceman saw him remove items from Vincent Foster's office in violation of the official seal. Witnesses also saw Bernard Nussbaum in Foster's office as well. Three witnesses noted that Patsy Thomason, director of the White House's Office of Administration, was desperate to find the combination to Vincent Foster's safe. Ms. Thomason finally opened the safe, apparently with the help of a special "MIG" technical team signed into the White House in the late hours. Two envelopes reported to be in the safe by Foster's secretary Deborah Gorham, addressed to Janet Reno and to William Kennedy III, were never seen again. When asked the next day regarding rumors of the safe opening, Mack McLarty told reporters Foster's office did not even have a safe, a claim immediately shot down by former occupants of that office.
The next day, when the Park Police arrived for the official search of Vincent Foster's office, they were shocked to learn that Nussbaum, Thomason and Williams had entered the office. Conflicts channeled through Janet Reno's Department of Justice resulted in the Park Police merely sitting outside Foster's office while Bernard Nussbaum continued his own search of Foster's office. During this search, he opened and upended Vincent Foster's briefcase, showing it to be empty. Three days later, it would be claimed that this same briefcase was where the torn up suicide note was discovered.

The boxes of documents removed from Foster's office by Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Margaret Williams, was taken to the private residence area of the White House! Eventually, only 54 pages emerged.

One set of billing records, under subpoena for two years, and thought to have originated in Foster's office, turned up unexpectedly in the private quarters of the White House, with Hillary's fingerprints on them!

So, who ordered the office looting?

Bill Clinton was unavailable, being on camera with Larry King. But Hillary Clinton, who had only the day before diverted her planned return to Washington D.C. to Little Rock, was on the phone from Little Rock to someone at the White House in the moments before the looting took place.

BigNewsDay said...

You need to stop reading bullshit from unsubstantiated reports. I beleive this is from a crappy conspiracy theory page called:

Can't you find news from a legitimate source? can you at least cite your sources?

BigNewsDay said...

I think it is great when people log on as Anonymous and then actually think they will be taken seriously with some bullshit conspiracy theory they got of some bullshit web site.

I hope that you aren't expecting to be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

what a great dispute of the facts

BigNewsDay said...

What facts?

Anonymous said...

Good eye!

Anonymous said...

Good Eye ! Don't bother to read.

Ranando said...

Nice read BND.

Keep up the Good Work.

“The Ranando Report”

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Vince Foster Conspiracy Theorists are the funniest fuckwads in politics. Even wingnuts like Rush Linbaugh, Kenn Starr and Newt Gingrich din't buy that load of hourse droppings. You have to be way out on the tinfoil hat edge of the wingnut fringe to still be pitching that shit.

BlackLabelAxe said...

...and all those conspiracy theories aren't getting us anywhere. What Carter, Reagan, Bush 41, Clinton, and Bush 43 have done in office is not up for debate, and there's nothing we can do about it. What we have to do is talk about where we go from here.

That poll is showing that America is tired of the same old crap. Now would be a great time to push Independents like Kinky in Texas.

b.l.sabob, if you only vote for independents when you think a Republican might win, you're not doing yourself any good by voting Democrat. They split up next year's campaign money based on election results, so even if the Independent loses you're still making a statement.

I really hope we have some good indepenedent candidates in the upcoming elections. There's still good Representatives and Senators waving the red or blue flag, but it's time to send the big parties packing when there's a better choice.

BigNewsDay said...

Axe, that is a good point regarding campaign funding. If we have two a**holes running against each other in the 2008 election, like the past couple of presiential elections, I wil vote, and encourage others to vote, for a third party. I know the Green Party has been trying to increase voter turn-out fo this very reason. I'm just not sure that they are that connected with any portion of mainstream America. Maybe if the nominate Jello Biafra. I would definately vote for Jello!

BlackLabelAxe said...

BND, the problem with the Green Party is that they don't respect commerce. I love the planet too, but we have to make a living.

We need to find a way to intellegently research environmentally-friendly manufacturing and energy-producing means that are cost-effective. I still believe it's possible to be BOTH economically prosperous and be a good steward of the environment.

Of course, if we don't fix the trade deficit, or at least turn it in the right direction, we're screwing the environment to a certain death. Chinese and other foreign manufacturers have absolutely no standards for factory waste or airborn emissions. The more Chinese crap we buy, the more we pay for it in pollution. This is why the Kyoto accord is a waste of time. It's a good idea, but if we hold ourselves to a higher standard, we're going to push work into the places that don't care about standards.