Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Check out the latest insane babble from Bugman Delay

Money Quote:
"...and all but treats Christianity like some second-rate superstition."

Yeah, right, Tom. Even if you add up all the atheists, agnostics, and followers of all the non-Christian religions in this nation, The USA is still 75-80% Christian. So tell me, Tommy, just how does 20-25% of the population somehow railroad and denigrate and wage some kind of cultural war against a huge majority and make any kind of inroads whatsoever? Is your religion and faith so weak that a tiny group of "Hollywood Libruls" and "Activist Judges" can thwart the wills of the vast majority of the nation?

What you see here ladies and gentlemen is the very key to the NeoCon(artists) republican ascent and rule over the past 25 years. Convince the majority that they are somehow in danger; that their values and lifestyles are being threatened by a small minority. Then convince them that you have the answers, the power to protect them from those evil secularists, the Hollywood Jews, the professors, the intellectuals, and our latest boogie-men: Judges and Muslims.

Rule By Fear: Its really the only gameplan that they have. And while Reagan had the ability to hide his fear mongering behind a sunny mask (must have been that Hollywood training), these Neocon-artists have just gone into full agro-battle mode. They don't even bother to try and pretty up their hate machine. And why bother? When you can convince members of the 80% that they are in danger from the 20%, who needs a facade? You've got everything on your side, except for the truth of course.

In a propaganda war, you need to be able to discredit and marginalize your opponents. Picking a tiny opponent with little resources to fight back is a great way to insure that your propaganda meets little resistance.

So goes the wingnut talking point: "Whoa unto us, the poor oppressed majority. We faithful, God-fearing innocent Christians, beset on all sides by the powerful and merciless wolves of the media and judiciary. We must bond together, mobilize and crush the enemies at our gate. And to do that, we need to send money to Tom DeLay, Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson. Oh yeah, and God Bless George W Bush for protecting us from those evil ragheads."

One more thing before I go, Tommy. If you are so Christian and moral and faithful to the tenants of your religion, then how come you can support Slave Labor and Forced Abortions in the American territory of Saipan?


BigNewsDay said...

Good reporting blsabob! Hopefully, there are very few in this country that would take any type of moral advise from this asshole.

BlackLabelAxe said...

People that get led around like that would be Muslims if they grew up in Pakistan, Hindus if they grew up in India, Buddhists if they grew up in China, and Atheist/Agnostic if they grew up in L.A.. The point is, they don't have the intellectual freedom they need to NOT be a product of an environment, and you are correct that there is a gigantic reservior of fear that these leaders can tap if they're smart.

Real Christians don't care about engineering a geographical religious climate. I read the same book those people do, and I still don't understand why they do some of the crap they do.

Anonymous said...

exactly. i think the majority of 'real' Christians, not these groups of fundamentalist psychos always trying to start cultural wars and little crusades all the time, would rather focus on just being good Christians, try to be as decent as they can on a day-to-day basis, help family, friends, the church, community and all that in whatever little ways when they choose to in their busy lives instead. i don't think the majority of Christians like myself give too much of a shit to actually go out of our way to throw ourselves out there like that or do anything big at all outside of our own little communities or spheres or whatever among those we know locally. this shit by fundamentalists, making us all look bad or supposedly speaking in my name for being a fellow Christian by doing what they do, insults me like you wouldn't believe.
i wish just once idiots like them would just back off. instead of trying to inject themselves into something claiming some sort of moral high ground and religous authority and doing just as bad shit if not worse, just back off. seriously i'm sure there's always a time or situation here and there where instead of trying to 'save' everyone or 'right a moral wrong' of some kind by making things worse, they could just i dunno let it go and let whoeverthefuck just damn themselves? i mean if the situation is so fucking bad already they may be fucked anyways, so why not just either back off in these suppposed situations and/or just educate or warn those not already 'corrupted' by whatever they're going off about?!? for once i'd love to see Robertson, the priests on the networks, the people on networks who bring those douches on, and the rest of 'em to just back the fuck off and stop making shit worse all the time. i mean, do they enjoy making shit worse more often than not? do they get aroused or some shit by thinking they're crusading or some shit and that they're involved in some sort of fighting in the near-Endtimes or something? what the fuck?

sorry....i went WAY off on a fucking rant there. i hope it was someone coherent! shit.


Anonymous said...

oh, and also....nice news today. nice to see Abramoff get nice little half-assed slap on the wrist of like 6 fucking years. whoop-dee-doo. when the case first broke a lot of the charges i thought could've been tens or even dozens of years in the slammer.
well, something is better than nothing.
but dammit, some other motherfuckers better go down in due time as well as well as a bunch of those in Congress getting fucked over either in the elections or with doing time as well, or this will just be really infuriating with such a lackluster sentence.


BigNewsDay said...

Great points Molotov. You should have your invite to join. Let me know if you have any problems.

Anonymous said...

cool cool. i'll get around to it sometime in the near future when i get a chance. thanks for the invite. like i said i'll get to it eventually i hope.


B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

The "War on Christianity" is a bogus red herring by rethuglican assholes so they can claim some kind of victim status while grabing everything they can. Fuck those cocksuckers with their own severed limbs!

Looks like Bill Press was having more or less the same thoughts as I: