Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ozzfest 2006

Speculating and starting rumors about who's touring with Ozzfest is a springtime American metalhead tradition. The Osbourne camp has given us our first look at this summer's lineup:


-This marks the end of the objective narrative, now it's time to spill the blood...

System of a Down is a very cool band, but they sound like children in a large arena setting. I've seen them at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC, and they rocked all 2,000 people that packed it into that sweatbox. Then, I saw them play at Ozzfest 2003, where they took the headlining spot before Ozzy, and after Rob Zombie. Let me tell you that System sounded irritating and abnoxious after Rock/Metal juggernaut Rob Zombie, and they failed miserably to connect with a crowd that large. To put System of a Down in a headlining situation is a terrible mistake at a "heavy" show.

Disturbed is a band that is trying their hardest to lose every fan they've ever had. Lead singer David Draiman has descended to the level of haters to take shots at them on the internet, and it makes me wonder why he's even in the business of making of music if he's so sensitive to critisizm. Rumor has it that he used to be in a "boy band", singing pop music. It's getting tougher to ignore the "poser" label. The fact that the band's singer can't take heat from internet trolls doesn't have anything at all to do with the fact that they are contributing to the "suck" factor at Ozzfest. The strongest track on "10,000 Fists" is a Genesis cover, "Land of Confusion", and the rest of the album sounds a bit tired and familiar. Disturbed is a band that has run their course, and cannot hold my interest any longer let alone lure me to buying a ticket. The band still has millions of fans that disagree with me, so financially Sharon probably made a good decision.

I really wish Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society would just quit the Ozzfest thing. Doing the same tour every year is almost as numbing as releasing the same album every year, which BLS has been doing since 2003 (some would say "1919 Eternal" is expendable also, which would extend the streak back to 2002). There's only two BLS records worth buying, and you'd have a hard time making a single third worthy purchase out of tracks from the last 5 releases. It's time for Zakk to put down the booze and stop being in love with himself. There's a reason all his long-time bandmates and friends have left the band.

Unearth, Atreyu, Bleeding Through: this is getting too boring to even write about. Minus Black Label Society, this could be the Vans' Warped Tour, and nobody would even notice.

There are persistent rumors of a Sepultura reunion at Ozzfest. If Sharon pulls this off, I will proudly buy a ticket. Max Cavalera has been hinting that he's not opposed to it, as has Andreas and Co. If I go to see a Sepultura reunion, I'll probably leave right afterwards. I'll go drink beer for $7 a pitcher at a bar instead of $7 for a cup and lines of people waiting to piss.

Ozzfest is facing increasing competition from the Sounds of the Underground (SOTU), Gigantour, and Slayer's new project, the Unholy Alliance Tour. I somehow doubt that even Megadeth, Slayer, and whoever is headlining SOTU will de-throne Ozzfest as the hot summer ticket, but at least now metal fans have an alternative. System of a Down and Disturbed are just so popular that I'm sure it will sell out all over the place. The cool thing about 2006 is that now there's at least 4 summer metal tours in America, so you can choose which you like the best, or choose them all like I'll probably do.



BigNewsDay said...

I will not spend an ungodly amount of money to stand out in the hot Texas August sun to watch this shitfest.

ken hawk said...

hoW AboUT KALDEDOn oR GRiMR EEAPRE At oZZfest? tAHt WOuld be TEH ShIT!!1one

nEW PolL iDEas? how ABout shoulD bUSh be ImpeaCHEd!

Lefty Metalhead said...

Ozzfest 2006 looks more like Karate-kid Fest! No real metal here. I'm sticking with the Unholy Alliance and SOTU! SLAYER!!! 'nuff said.

BigNewsDay said...

Thanks fro the article Axe! It reminded me of the poll i promised to create last week after hearing about the Unholy Alliance tour. That is my pick!

BigNewsDay said...

Good Idea Mr. Hawk!

Anonymous said...

BigNewsDay i have a new great poll for ya!

Who is blabbermouth's biggest loser?

power over the living

My vote goes to riotstarter

BlackLabelAxe said...

^riotstarter is funny because he's only doing that to enflame people. If you just realize that riotstarter is probably somebody's troll account, it's actually pretty funny.

It's all in the name.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Actually, I still like both SOAD and Disturbed. I saw SOAD on that same Ozzfest (in Chicago) and they had the entire audience going pretty well. I never would have been a fan of their's had I not seen them live. The only thing I kept thinking was that they were way too weird to have become so popular. They reminded me of the oddball shit I used to see in small clubs in the 90s. There was definitely a Zappa influence to them which I found very attractive. I saw them again last year in Florida and thought they sounded pretty good, despite playing an arena that was way too large and sounded like an airplane hanger.

I've seen Disturbed twice as well. The first time was in a special club show and I thought they fucking rocked. Sure Draiman said some stupid shit, but I didn't care i was just there for the music, which I thought was played pretty damn well. Draiman needs to watch his voice though. It does tend to crack live. He needs to work with a professional to learn how to maintain his chords. Any asshole can grunt and bark like Cookie Monster, but since he's actually trying to sing, he's got a far higher hurdle to clear.

I liked BLS the first time I saw them but for it seemed like the same old tired tricks the second time. I prefer watching Zakk with Ozzy. His own songs are pretty dull, but I like what he can do with Ozzy's shit.

That all being said, I really can't give Sauron or Queer Channel a dime of my money. I just can't. Sauron of course is the cunt behind the Maiden nonsense last year and Queer Channel has pulled to many egregious acts for me to list here.

If I could somehow get free tickets through connections or by winning them, I'd go. I just would avoid buying food or drinks so Queer Channel doesn't see any of my cash.

ken hawk said...

hahahah biggest loser? HWy ISnt ItwalkSamoNGuS on THat list? thaT gUy GOT PWNED yEstERFDsay!!!!!!11one

KEn hwkwa