Friday, March 17, 2006

Funny Shit

I generally like to see how people get to my page, and think it is kind of funny when people either come from a doing a strange search in google or from some wierd blog. Here is a list of some the sites people enter from alongwith their original search criteria:

1.MSN Search -"figure skating and exodus music" - I'm third in the list.
2. Google Blog Search - "which states are the real bastions" - Only site listed
3. Google Blog Search - "Bush poll results" - Page three!I'm offended.
4. ?
5. Google - "bignewsday blog" - go figure! Add me as a favorite and make life easier.

I'll post more of these as they come in. Go see what what the most round-about way you can get to my blog.


dave draiman said...

i typed "bignewsday" in google with the quotes and it was the first are on top of the world. please teach me to sing

BlackLabelAxe said...

^Maybe you should take the dick out of your mouth.