Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Immigration Reform

I'm confused!

Please help explain this to me. This new bill that is stirring up controversy on both sides doesn't make any sense. By making the act of being in our country illegally a felony, what are we trying to achieve? Are we going to lock them in prison? How much is THAT going to cost tax payers? It is already illegal to be in this county illegally, hence the term "illegal alien". The punishment for this crime is deportation.

The problem is with the enforcement of the current laws, not the lack of stronger laws. Am I missing something here? Why aren't we going after the construction companies, landscaping companies, city work crews, etc... That are paying the illegal aliens less than minimum wage to perform jobs that most Americans refuse to do. If they didn't have a way to make money over here, they would stop coming over here.

Or how about we secure our damn borders? There was a report yesterday that two federal agents were able to sneak across the border, each carrying enough radioactive materials to make dirty bombs that could kill millions of people. So, we need to secure our borders anyway.

Once again, please explain this to me, because I'm obviously missing something.


BlackLabelAxe said...

What we've got here is a political hot-potato. They know we care about this topic, but with mid-terms coming up, nobody wants to take an actual "stand" or actually "change" something that would mean "real" progress.

The politics of this is disgusting. Some are trying to promote an "us vs. them" mentality, and some of them even had the guts to sponsor a provision that takes an ADDITIONAL 5% of all money wired out of the country. Excuse me, but didn't they already pay taxes on that money?

We need a real solution here, but I'm sure they'll play tip-toe-around-the-voters until next session, then they'll line up like partisan assholes while finding a way to empower the federal government even more.

BigNewsDay said...

I agree Axe! This is nothing but election year hoopla, but I think it will eventually backfire on the ones that are trying to push it through.

Ranando said...

I give up!

BigNewsDay said...

Don't give up Ranando! This is when we need to fight the hardest.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Its just a dog and pony show to distract the peasants and make them feel that their political masters are doing "something." Everyone has to blame their problems on someone, and blaming your economic whoa on powerless immigrants is as convenient a target as any. Blaming those in the upper classes will most likely just get you a poke in the eye, or some taking head douchebag screaming about Class warfare and Envy on Fox News.

But if you choose someone in the lower classes, well hell, you might just get to kick someone else's ass for a change. Sure, my insurance is for shit, healthcare costs and fuel prices are through the roof, my family hasn't seen a real inflation-adjusted income increase in years...but what the fuck, I get to stand on the Arizona-Mexican border with a rife and a flag. I'm a winner!!

Go Minute Men! (well, at least that's what their wives call them)

Washington politicians have proven themselves to be gutless and inept at protecting Americans from terrorists, the affects of natural disasters and predatory corporate practices. So they need something to help them Butch-Up for the 06 elections. This is just another example of cowardly bullies trying to "look tough in front of the chicks" by picking on someone far weaker than themselves.

But despite all their bluster, there'll never be any real immigration reform, because the corporations that own our government want the cheap and easily exploitable labor that these people provide. That's why you see GW Bush being so soft on this issue. His loyalty is not to the United States of America. His loyalty is to his corporate pals who created and funded his political career.