Wednesday, March 22, 2006

From the "Too Much Time on Their Hands" Department:

While getting their superstitious asses handed to them daily by both Science and History, Delusional Wingnuts are now at war with a fictional novel and film.

I guess they need something to make themselves feel better about getting whupped across the nation on that "Intelligent Design" fiasco.


BigNewsDay said...

That's pretty damn funny! Those silly Christians.

crallspace said...

These people are an embarrassment to Christ.

Ranando said...

Rather than organize protests or boycotts, Evangelicals(Pat Robertson) and Catholics (Child Molesters) are mobilizing 'truth squads.'

Fuck em!

Anonymous said...

you know stuff like this is why i can't stand people who are obsessive or fundamentalist in any religion.
i'm personally a Christian (Lutheran), but c'mon, i can't stand how all these completely psychotic obssessive overly-religious fanatics have to declare some sort of crusade or whatever the terms in other religions are for simple shit like this to bring all this crap to everyone's attention.
and i hate it when religious fanatics from every religion will demonize and criticize every other religion as wrong and refuse to notice anything potentially not perfect with the way they practice their own.
for example, i can't stand it when people bitching about how Islam is evil and they kill in the name of it, and then promptly say all the killing over the centuries in Europe the name of Christianity and the Roman Catholic Church, coming to the Americas, putting the Bible in the faces of the Indians, and so on isn't just as bad if not worse. and the same with Islam saying they only commit violence in the name of their religion, and all the rest of the religion. i hate that shit.
and politicizing shit like abortion, Da Vinci Code, gay marriage, etc....fuck off. not everyone wants the same shit or has the same opinion. stop trying to get in everyone's motherfucking faces about stuff they may not care about, religious fanatics.
shit, i keep my religious views to myself unless asked or see something like this to touch on it a bit. stop trying to conform the whole fucking world because it's a waste of time and only causes more conflict with those of other beliefs who may be trying to do the same to you at the same time.


BlackLabelAxe said...

yeah, Molotov hits it right on.

I love how they're "at war" with somebody's work of opinion. That's fucking fantastic. Aptly named title, they do have too much time.

Those "Christians" worship their Bible more than God himself. This is 100% of the problem with every organized religion.

Since when did being a Christian change from "one who follows Christ" into "one who goes to Church every Sunday and imposes our values on our neigbors"?

BTW: Meshuggah kicks ass! I just got "Nothing" the other day. It's not on the same level as "Chaosphere", but it destroys nonetheless. "Catch 33" is pretty badass too. It'll make your co-workers leave you alone.

crallspace said...

I haven't heard Meshuggah in a while. I always heard them on death metal compilations, and they were ok...

china joe said...

religion is just a way to start wars. i mean, all this "my god is better than your god" shit is so ethnocentric. then the same person says one god. uhuh. tell it to the hindus that they are wrong--lets throw in the pagans, atheists. its funny how yesterdays religions(think zeus) are nothing more than todays mythology.

then, many of these bible thumpers want to impose their faiths "laws" on the public majority---many of these same people cannot even follow these same religious laws

Anonymous said...

exactly. i definitely agree with the statement about religious nuts not even following their own laws/moral stuff while trying to impose shit on everyone else. from all religions. i remember in the last few months i heard about some Southern Baptist like speaker or something, some total nutcase speaking endlessly against homosexuality or something, then it gets uncovered that he'd like been caught trying to hook up with a gay prostitute or some shit? then when there was that shit a few months ago about that professor at like university of Kansas or something talking shit publicly about Intelligent Design....a few days later he gets followed by a couple Bible-thumping rednecks in a pickup truck who drag him out of his car on a back road and kick his ass. they were never identified or caught if i recall. i hate that shit. trying to bitch and moan about morals/ethics is one thing, but practice what you preach motherfuckers is all i have to say to those kinds of fucking assholes. jeeez.


B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

Looks like Bill Press was having more or less the same thoughts as I: