Friday, March 10, 2006

The End of the Bush Administration?

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The Bush administration suffered yet another political blow, thanks to the collapse of the Dubai Ports deal. Bush's painfully low approval ratings may have pushed many GOP Congressmen to oppose the deal, despite Bush's veto threat. Being an election year, this isn't all too surprising. This latest debacle solidifies the idea of Bush's White House being incompetent.

Incompetence has been the theme of the Bush administration since being re-elected. He failed miserably on social security reform, despite his national tour promoting it. He pissed off his wingnut base by nominating Harriet Miers, a seemingly qualified attorney who wasn't conservative-enough. The far-right hated her so much, that they denied her the "up-or-down vote" they have been so vociferous about! Bush ignored warnings about Katrina's potential devastation, possibly leading to FEMA not having the resources to be at the scene in time. At the moment, he's shifting blame to Congress for the lack of progress in the rebuilding efforts, a tactic that implicates his fellow GOP (remember Congress is GOP-controlled). The Iraq mess is only getting worse, and now Iran appears to be in the cross hairs. How many days was Bush on vacation in Texas?

While the Democrats still must work hard to convert these failures into Congressional gains, the job is looking much easier these days. Could this be the end of the so-called conservative movement? I sure hope so because it sure hasn't worked!

Bye Bye Dubya!


B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

It will never be the END of it. There's just too much money and power backing them up. The oligarchs have too much at stake.

But we will probably see a pendulum swing in the next few years. The current architects of the NeoCon-artist movement will be indicted, convicted or just marginalized while and the oligararchs will seek out new henchmen to train and fund while we enjoy a brief moment of populism and reform. But don't get to comfortable with it. There's no way it can last.

Al Bundy said...

please be the of the bu(ll)sh(it) adminatrasion i hope bush gets aids.

BigNewsDay said...

Me too Mr. Bundy!!!!!!!!

ken hawk said...

This recent news with the ports deal has go to be one of the best jokes Ive heard since, well, the last screw up. A person who occasionally reads the paper knew more of what was going on than Bush or Rumsfeld when this whole thing blew up weeks ago. What a joke. Funny though, that finally people are starting to think maybe Bush cant lead when well, WE'VE BEEN SAYING THAT FOR THE PAST 6 FUCKING YEARS!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit!!!!! I just read this today and I REFUSE TO BELIEVE that individuals are JUST NOW voicing that perhaps Bush is unfit for his position. Did you just show up to the party now or did you have had dicks in your eyes and ears because you missed a lot!!!!! Now fuck I aint perfect, but Ive never driven an entire country into the fucking ground either!!!!! We're losing.

Wheres the fucking Tylenol. AHh tHATs bEttre. shiT.