Friday, March 03, 2006

Link to Dimevision Trailer

Dimevision Trailer

Some of the material seems to be some of the same stuff they showed at Dime's public memorial held after is funeral in Arlington. I wish they would make that whole film available, because it was truly magical.


BlackLabelAxe said...

I can't wait for this. I almost cried on Thursday when they played the premier of Rebel Meets Rebel's "Nothing to Loose" on Sirius' "Hard Attack". Nobody could play the guitar like Dime.

By the way, Sirius has several kickass rock and metal stations. For $13/month, you can buy a receiver for under $100, and you can't beat the music. on "Hard Attack (27)", their idea of radio filler means "just put some Slayer on". Hell yeah!

BigNewsDay said...

This video is going to kick ass! One thing about Dime, is that he never went anywhere without his video camera. I haven't told a Dimebag story in a while, so here goes:

I remember one night shortly after I moved back from Austin. I think this was around September of '93. The guy my sister was dating was a am artist that had been making custom fangs for halloween. He was mainly selling these to titty dancers, but Dime had heard about this and decided that he needed some of these custom fangs.

We were going to head out to The Basement (R.I.P.) in Dallas. before we left Arlington, we were able to get ahold of Dime to see if he was available to do the molds. He was hanging out in South Arlington at Rita's house, so we stopped by. Sure enough, he hda that video camera running when we showed up. My sister's boyfriend spent about half an hour or so doing the dental molds, while we just hung out and drank a few beers.

This was the first time I had ever met Dime in that kinda seting. He treated us like we were his best friends.

BigNewsDay said...

Mr. Bundy,

It was never seemed to be that big of a deal. I was a Sophmore when he was a Senior at Arlington High, and I would see him roaming the halls everyday with that freakin' hair that stuck up about two feet over his head. No matter how big Pantera became, it was hard to look at themas being celebrities. Plus Dime's attitude towards people made it hard for you to feel too "star struck". He was just another "dude".

BlackLabelAxe said...

Damn, there's not one other person like Dime.

He was only about 5'7" tall, but when he hit a note on that Dean guitar, he seemed like a god.

I never got to meet him, but the metal he left us with is some of the best the planet has ever heard. I saw him play with Vinnie in Damageplan.

I was at a show watching Trivium last week, and although their music doesn't impress me much right now (they'll be good one day, I'm sure), singer Matt Heafy said in between songs, "I don't care if you love us, or if you fucking hate us, you're going to pay your respect to Dimebag Darrell RIGHT NOW!", then went right into the breakdown to "Domination". I had to jump in the pit. True, it was like bulldozing middle-schoolers, but I heard "Domination", and that means it's time to mosh.

Note to metalcore middle-schoolers:

If you're going to a show where the band has a tendency to cover Pantera, bring a helmet and a mouthpiece. I can't be held responsible for the evil things that Dimebag makes me do, even when Matt Heafy is playing it.

BigNewsDay said...

Ir really was never that big of a deal. If you went to any metal concert in the DFW area, you would see Dime & Vinnie hangin' out, and just acting like one of the crowd. Phil, on the other hand, was an asshole. He always had that "I'm better than you" attidude. Fuck that dude!