Friday, September 29, 2006

Mourning the Loss of a Legend

We knew she was dying a slow painful death, but last night it finally happened. Read the obituary HERE.
The saddest thing about the situation is that Blabbermouth did not die of natural causes, she was murdered by her caregivers. Bori, the person responsible for birthing Blabbermouth, set a culture of nastiness and encouraged infighting amongst metalheads by submitting news stories that he knew would stir things up. Then, he systematically began banning the more intellegent posters on the site for reasons that he didn't even have the balls to explain. There were no previous guidelines and no warnings. Even by the new standards put in place on the above link, most of the people should not have been banned.
Blabbermouth is Bori's site, so it's not my place to tell him how to run it. I just think it's a shame to let something with that much potential, die such a slow painful death.
For all of those that have been banned or are just sick of what Blabbermouth has become, join us at METAL PWNS ALL to build a new culture based on honesty and respect.


Goremaster said...

R.I.P. It was once the greatest site ever until Bori smited it with bullshit. Now Old School Blabbermouth is only a memory. When yo go to bmouth now it is not It is

R.I.P. Blabbermouth
You will be missed.

Goremaster said...

posted by : Non-metal Emo-in-the-middle Shitcore
9/28/2006 9:37:26 PM

Bori says that most of the people on his site are making the metal world look like retards! That is a fucking bold face lie! I have seen alot of intellegent comments there by people who have been banned and deleted. Alot of the intellegent people there have in fact been banned.

Bori probably doesent want to upset Choadrunner because most of the bands there that get bashed are on Choadrunner. He says he posts A7x news for comic relief but he doesent want people to say shit like "this band is gay" etc. How could you NOT say shit like that when there is a Linkin Park thread???!!! I believe in free speech!

They say people who do nothing but bash bands are 13 year old jackoffs with pimples or some overused insult like that! MORE BULLSHIT!!!!! Bori just made a big mistake. I quote a blabbermouth legend who is very intellegent who has been banned

"Good riddence to bad trash."

So Bori, I hope your happy. You have killed what once was The Greatest Site of All time. If anybody who would like insult me, kiss my ass!

I can see that he wants to get rid of the racist and sexist comments that go way too far but why does he have to go PMRC? This is actually the final nail in the coffin for Blabbermouth. I see some think Bori is making sense but no he is not. He is only pissing on the great site that once was. This is the day when Blabbermouth died.
March 2nd 2001-September 28th 2006

Lefty Metalhead said...

R.I.P. indeed! I remember visiting Blabbermouth while in college. It was quite the website.

Unfortunately, all good things must end. Blabbermouth decided to go in the wrong direction, and it will likely pay the price.

Fortunately, with the loss of such a powerful entity comes the emergence of a new one. We have the power to change heavy metal culture for the better. Metal Pwns All is the future, and I'm glad to be part of it.

metallord said...

Well theres the nail in the coffin.

Goremaster said...

Time to put this coffin in the ground and bury it.

mastronaut said...

The day they announced they were cleaning up the site, they had already banned me like a week before. I wrote to them and asked why I got banned, I was way cleaner than people who are still on! Not one poster (poser)was a name I recognized and there were 100 posts. To all the loyal fans that have been there since the beginning, too bad for B-mouth.....

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

HA!! I was able to get in.

I posted your Blabbermouth Eulogy all over the place. Then I posted this:

COMMENT | Kiss is awesome
posted by : Bush_is_a_knobgobbler
9/29/2006 6:24:52 PM

I love them more than my kids and my meth lab. Best band ever. gene is a god. I heart everything.

Please don't ban me!

BigNewsDay said...


You rule dude!!!!!!!

Goremaster said...


china joe said...

the day blabbermouth died is a day that will live in infamy. metalpwns all seems to be a good site. i hope it will have the free exchange of ideas that were once on the blabberboards.

i think that bori is getting bored with the site and is doing this as a way to bring about its death.

ferrum aeternum said...

This is a travesty. I know most may not want to admit it, but the old Blabbermouth will be missed.

I wonder, what motivated Bori to start banning users and deleting comments now?

I think it might be for one or more of the following reasons:

*Choderunner big-wig execs actually have an interest in metal and visited the site for the first time, read the negative/offensivecomments, and got on Bori's ass.

*Some wanker read the nasty comments about his band and threatened Blabbermouth with a libel lawsuit.

*Bori - or rather, Choderunner - is looking to sell Blabbermouth to a family-friendly company.

*Too many mothers have complained to Bori about how horrible the website is, after having viewed what their 14-year-old pimple-faced brats read everyday.

*Someone was murdered because the murderer took personal attacks too seriously.

ferrum aeternum said...

<< *Someone was murdered because the murderer took personal attacks too seriously. >>

^ should read:

A blabbermouth user was murdered because another user took the murdered user's personal attacks too seriously.

Anonymous said...

I can bet that RoadRunner has a lot to do with it. I was ok until I badmouthed Hatebreed a few times, then that's when I was banished. It's still bullshit there wasn't a warning, like "From this day forward any blah blah blah..." Not a big loss though since there are much better sites out there nowdays anyway that only deal with metal, not that pop shit they started putting on there.

BigNewsDay said...

pussy ass mother fucker anonymously throwing death threats. fuck off!

Goremaster said...

i deleted his posts. must be some blabberpussy who loves to suck bori's small ass wang.