Friday, September 08, 2006

Horse's For Food ?

Hey what does everyone think of those ass holes slaughtering horses for food? It really destirbes me. Who would ever consider that animal as food! I now throughout history every culture has relied on that animal in one way or the other. The horse deserves more respect than that. Those people who are doing those things deserve it done to them! I want to know what everyone thinks. Let me know and any information anyone has on the subject. Thanx Lordslady!
posted by Lordslady @ 6:20 AM


metallord said...

Yes we need to something about this.

enemywithin said...

bastards hope they die slow and painfully. horses are great animals

mickronson said...

wow, this is complicated for me. I am a conflicted vegetarian. what i mean is i have very conflicted views about the way human beings treat animals. A part of me justifies it in some way, another part doesnt sit well with it. To make it even more complicated, my wife chooses to eat meat. A fucked up situation.