Thursday, September 14, 2006

THIS is the way its done!!

I'm so sick of namby-pampy Democrats and their inability to go toe to toe with the Rethuglicans when it comes to bare-knuckles, Machiavellian politics. Dems have been getting their asses whooped for the past two decades not due to their policies, which actually are in step with the majority of Americans, but due to the fact that the Rethugs are much better at marketing and advertising.

Looks like the tide may finally be turning. Check out this brutal, simple and effective ad blasting George Macaca Allen. The Wussycrats need more of this kind of thing in the future.


BigNewsDay said...



Lefty Metalhead said...

It's about time my good ol partisans get some balls.

metallord said...

Damn the vest thing is fucked up.

greencommunist said...

I really wish our military folks would turn on the GOP, fast and wholeheartedly.

My bro-in-law remembers in boot camp the instructors told them to vote Republican, that all military votes Republican on principal.