Friday, September 15, 2006

The Doc is in

Dr. Ken Hawk is currently in office and waiting for your questions at Ask Ken Hawk. Advice is posted regarding a wife's forgetful spouse as well as a young man's struggle to admit a personal affair to his best friend. A crapple a day keeps Ken Hawk away.

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BlackLabelAxe said...

Ken Hawk, You are the man!

I'm sorry I haven't been around much, guys. I'm doing full-time site engineering on a very high profile foundation project for an upscale development in downtown Atlanta. That leaves me no time to do much on the internet besides pay bills.

It doesn't mean that the rampaging and learning has stopped- quite the opposite is true. Being an inspecting engineer, I regularly get chunks of time where I can sit in my truck and read books. Here's a small list of a few of the books I've read in the past month:

-Twilight in the Desert (Simmons)
-Rich Dad/Poor Dad (Kiyosaki)
-An Inconvenient Truth (Gore- that's right!)
-The Art of War (Tsu)
-The Prince (Machiavelli)
-Letters to His Generals (Frederick II of Prussia, aka "Frederick the Great)
-I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell (Tucker Max)

Sun Tsu's great book of strategy is a stunning reminder that victory in Iraq is impossible given the current situation and leadership. Our strategy there violates nearly every principle General Tsu wrote of in regards to foreign wars. Be on the lookout for a full write-up soon.

I am now the 2-time Georgia AAPF (drug-free) 275 lb. Bench Press champion. Once I get the video back, I'll post it here.

Again, I'm sorry for being disengaged for so long. I should only be doing fieldwork for another 3-4 weeks.The upside is I have time to get exposed to the great classics of politics, science, investing, warfare, and the relationships between those noble studies.

ken hawk said...

Thanks man. Tsu, that is fantastic brother, this title is constantly coming up and I would be interested in hearing more.
Missed your voice around here, but abscence around these parts should be totally understandable; I myself havent been around nearly as much as I'd like to, but I feel I am attaining great things in the meantime. Aside from writing and recording, running and lifting (230 is my top bench, congrats on 270!), learning and making progress at work everyday, I just picked up Moby Dick, which I have been psyching myself up to read for a long time. Pale in comparison to your astonishing list of reads there in addition to your other activity, well done bud. Good hearing from you man.

Lefty Metalhead said...

glad to have you back Axe! We missed you. What did you think of the Gore book? I think we can all see you slowly drifting to the left! LOL