Monday, September 18, 2006

In support of the Pope

I am a very passive, tollerant liberal, but the recent firestorm from the Islamic community over comments made by the Pope is just F**ked up. You are going to protest being labeled as a violent group of people by instigating violence? I for one am sick of these petty threats these extremist assholes throw out everyday. So for them, Enjoy this very stupid Mohammed cartoon.


Lefty Metalhead said...

What can you expect from a former Nazi talking shit about Muslim extremists? You would think they would get along better! Weird.

BigNewsDay said...

I just find it ironic that they are so upset about being called violent, that they are going to result to violence. Smart people, huh.

ken hawk said...

I hate to say this, not necessarily because of my views on religion but also because I don't feel like being decapitated today (anytime after Monday Night Football is fine) but you're totally right BND. Anyone says anything, you're doomed, convert or pay the head tax. Tolerance < Culture
The next time I see something like this coming I will be quicker to purchase stock in pope-effigy materials.

greencommunist said...

Fuck the pope, he should have known better.

Fuck the muslims too for being such babies.

To quote the great Richard Pryor ..

Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.



what was that?

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

sure these mulsim extremists are fucked up. But the pope should have known better than to quote some 100 year old bullshit to make a point about the entire religion. Its just whaking a hornets nest. It doesn't mean that hornets don't suck, but it just doesn't make any sense to stir shit. What was the motivation? If he had half a brain in his head, he had to know that it would just inflame an already volotile situation. Sometimes I think these religious assholes are purposely trying to bring about Armageddon so they can fulfill their fucked up prophesy.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

"1000" year old bullshit

enemywithin said...

ah they cry over everything in the u.k. yet they get practically everything they want. and if you are abused by them (as my parents where recently for no reason) it's not racist abuse. but put the shoe on the other foot and its racist. fuck em. im sick to fuck of 99% of em.

Bushwack said...

BND, I have been very critical of the Muslim religion for not reigning in their "Radicals" Most of the comments I get from liberals is something like "what about the Christian radicals" or "what about the Jews"
I think the point is Christian radicals are rebuted and smacked down by those within their faith.
The Jewish religion is a bit different, some call it survival, some call it occupation. but you never hear of either of these religions burning the leader of another religion in efigy.
Or blowing themselves up in a crowded market.
The pope was quoting a book in an academic environment, and trying to open dialog about it.
The Moderate Muslims keep talking about dialog but only if it does not mention the negative part of Islam.

The pope was right and your analogy is right too.

As for being worried about decapitation Ken, if they ever read my blog, I am going to be target #1. and I'm fine with that. LMAO.

greencommunist said...

sometimes it shames me to be human, to think in this day and age we are still (as a people, not individually) holding on to these religions created by technologically retarded desert people who rarely traveled outside their own small towns.

i personally find it nothing less than disgusting.

B.L. Sabob: now "completely heterosexual" said...

There just are no good guys in this fight. Its like watching two football teams that you hate play one another. All you can really hope for is massive injuries on both sides.


Bushwack said...

I believe if anyone here actually believes I'm a religious fanatic, they obviously don't know me at all.

BigNewsDay said...

I know you're one of the good guys BW.

Extremists on any side of any issue cause problems. That is what their intent is. As much as I dislike Christian fundamentalists, they don't generally protest violently or call for the deaths of those who oppose them.However, we do have freaks like Fred Phelps that celebrate the deaths of our soldiers, because of their twisted beliefs.

Also, I do believe that moderate Muslims need to stand up against the extremists that are giving them a bad name. That is the only way their "Religion of Peace" will every be taken seriously among real peace loving people.

Daydreamer of Oz said...

Its like watching two football teams that you hate play one another.

My sentiments exactly.

It really scares me that the majority of the crap I see going on in the world is done in the name of religion - something majorly wrong there.

BigNewsDay said...

I hear ya Daydreamer! That is exactly the reason why I was turned off of religion at a very early age. That and all of the bible belt biggots here in Texas.

greencommunist said...

xtians dont call for the death of their opposition??

who invaded Iraq??

Bushwack said...

Who invaded Iraq? America did. Right or wrong, Americans of all religions did it. Not only the Christians elected him, Jews, Hindu's atheists, minorities, ALL AMERICAN. the reason we invaded Iraq was as much the Democrats fault as the Republicans.
Read the record for action in congress. You want the democratic party to get some respect?
Tell it like it is. We all screwed up. Clintons Intel was flawed as much as bush's, if you believe there were no WMD's there. I believe they were and either syria or Iran have em now. I'm for kicking every last one of our elected officals out of office and starting over. I'm not a Republican only type guy. but this Bash Bush at all cost in the face of facts is getting tired.

BigNewsDay said...

Well BW, You are somewhat correct. If it wasn't for the vote in Congress, we would not have been able to get the UN Weapons inspectors back in Iraq. That was needed. The Bush administration didn't even give those weapons inspectors three months, before he insisted on invading.

What most of the Democrats are saying is that there was a much better way to handle the situation in Iraq than the way Bush has handled it.

You can say that the Democrats voted for the war in Iraq, but we all know that is a half-truth at best. The Democrats did not vote fr an open-ended war without an exit strategy or any real criteria for success. The Democrats didn't vote to award Halliburton billions of dollars in no-bid contracts.The Democrats didn't vote to pull the majority of troops away from the hunt for bin Laden.