Tuesday, September 12, 2006

James Thomas Murphy

James Thomas Murphy

Mr. Murphy was a 35 year old husband and father from Middletown, New Jersey. Since I never had the homor to meet Mr. Murphy, I will include a short biography followed by comments of people that did know and love him.
Faithful to FamilyJames Murphy, a Cantor Fitzgerald trader, kept his eye on the basics. His family were his friends, and together they were a big crowd. He and his wife, Mary, had two children and were expecting a third. He had 10 brothers and sisters, between the ages of 44 and 30, and 13 nieces and nephews. Most of them lived within a 20-mile radius of the Jersey Shore.
Mr. Murphy, 35, was the "ringleader," said Bill, his eldest brother. "His favorite thing was to get together with a big group of our family, with all our children. He'd get everybody to come have lunch on the beach and then go hang out on our parents' deck and cook out. He'd call people on the spur of the moment to go to watch football games, go to a bar and have lunch." At Christmas, he was the Santa Claus.
He liked to ski in Vermont and Vail, but otherwise was a homebody, Bill Murphy said. "He was innocent in a way. He was very apolitical, very low-key about most things. He was very happy to go home to his house. He was very happy to tell us that he and Mary were having another baby."

Comments from those who knew James Thomas Murphy

Joan Murphy Wolf

Jimmy Murphy is my brother and one year has not dulled the pain that I and the rest of my family feel. In fact it seems worse. Jimmy was a great brother and friend and is missed every day. Each time I look at his picture or see a beautiful day I think of how much he loved life and lived it to the fullest. Jimmy was the funniest person and so many people loved to be around him. As I write this letter, my heart is breaking for myself, my family, Jimmy's wife and children and all of the other's who have suffered from this senseless and horrific attack. I love you Jim.


I was lucky enough to be a good friend of Jim's, and my family remains close with his wife - There is absolutely no truth to the forward that is being sent around. Jim's widow is in excellent health, does not have a daughter named Ali, and is not facing surgery of any kind.


think about ya alot murph. i know i didn't see you that much as adults but you were such a good friend when we were in grade school. love you and your family and see you again my friend.

Coach Pat McCann

St. Rose High School will long remember you, Murph! We will miss you!

Tom DeBari, former classmate

Murph was a really good guy -- liked by all when we were in St. Rose together. We were co-captains on the varsity baseball team. Our team stunk but we all had fun and Murph was one of the reasons we have good memories. My heart goes out to his family and friends.

I was very honored to assemble this tribute for Mr. Murphy. Iwas very touched by his story and by the commets of his friends and families. We are very fortunate that people such as James Thomas Murphy existed, and on the 5th anniversery of the darkest day in American history, I just want to say that you are still remebered and respected.


Daydreamer of Oz said...

Wonderful tribute, BND. It is heartbreaking when you think of how many lives were affected, isn't it? James sounds like he was a wonderful person and we will always honor and remember his life.

Lefty Metalhead said...

Awesome tribute brother! Make sure you check mine out at MP. Take care.

Stitches77 said...

Very nice tribute Bignews!

mickronson said...

My thoughts go out to his family.
And thanks for sharing this with us Bignewsday.

metallord said...

Man that is heart breaking. My thought's to his family R.I.P
today is a sad day indeed. Let
freedom Ring. And nice tribute.

MysteriousLady said...

Wonderful tribute, very well done. We lost so many good people that day.

My tribute to Chris Traina is up.

Anonymous said...

Very nice tribute.

R.I.P. James and to all the victims of 9/11

Joan said...

Having come from a large family also, I can only begin to imagine the pain and loss that must be felt by James's siblings, parents, and friends. This was a touching tribute.

beachbitch said...

Fantastic tribute, BND - it hurts to remember but it hurts worse to forget. A close friend lost her daughter that day (part of Cantor Fitzgerald) - she was 28.

If any of you want to check out mine, I had the honor of remembering Juan Nieves, a salad chef at Windows. I really feel like I got to know him.

God bless you

Sassenach said...

A permalink has been created for the 2996 database (I am helping out as a list captain).

You may have noticed that the main site for 2996 has gone down repeatedly, due to the extremely high volume of traffic this project generated. Mirror sites have been put up that show the list of names and links. Some of them are:

• http://www.madmommajen.com/?p=3
• http://bamapachyderm.com/2996-the-911-tributes/
• http://www.onebigdog.net/2996-tributes/

Thank you for taking the time to write this tribute.

Bushwack said...

Well done brother, Nice tribute.

BigNewsDay said...

Thank you BW. I was honored to be part of such a great project. I greatly appreciate you bringing 2996 bloggers to my attention.