Friday, September 29, 2006

Brief Reminder

Don't forget about the re-energized sports blog BigSportsDay where the one and only Ken Hawk has written some wonderful football weekend previews and analysis reports.

Great job Mr. Hawk!

T.O.D. ? hahaha. Poor Terrell gets no respect (not that he really deserves any).

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ken hawk said...

Yes I will be doing my best to bust out weekly Friday huddles as well as the Tuesday morning recaps, with in-depth insight (sort of, I mean, OK well not really) as well as pictures of Coach Hawk, and why not some cheerleaders too?
Stop by and share your picks, laugh at mine, have a beer and enjoy our nation's sport.
Ken Hawk is still answering your questions at Ask Ken Hawk. Today's inquiry concerns the myth behind toad-licking.
T.O.D. yes last night I thought I was funny as ears on a dick. Personally BND, I don't believe the guy really goes this far out to get media attention, but I do think he enjoys having everyone in the news talking about him. Here's a thought, how about making some news on the field this weekend?